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Esponja de mezcla

Impuesto incluido.

Achieve a truly flawless base, airbrushed and skin-like finish with the Teeez Blend Complexion Sponge. This latex-free cosmetic sponge is engineered with an exclusive foam and blends any type of makeup. It absorbs water and does not makeup so your favorite formulas land on your skin and not in your sponge. A flawless makeup application in 3 steps: wet, squeeze and bounce.

This sponge has a tapered tip that allows precision and targeted coverage. The tip can be used to get in areas that are hard to reach such as the corners of your nose. Applying the product using the curves of this tool gives an opaque finish whereas the rounded base offers a sheerer application. The slightly contoured shape makes blending your highlighter easily by rolling it on the apples of your cheeks.

Wet with water for easy use. Squeezeout excess liquid. Bounce foundation,powder or any other complexionproduct across the face for flawlessresults. Effortlessly blend large areasof the face with the rounded sideswhilst the precision tip targets smallerareas. The flat edge can be used toprofessionally blend foundation andconcealer in the contours around theeyes and nose for a bright, highlightedcomplexion.

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